If you’re planning a destination wedding to Sicily then look no further. This four part pocket guide is filled with insider’s knowledge and secret top tips. 

Forget Lake Como, Amalfi Coast or the Tuscan countryside they have all been done before. Whilst no one can undermine how incredibly beautiful and utterly romantic they are, we as always, want to explore a destination that is a little off the beaten track. Sicily offers all the magic clues to a great destination wedding; dramatic coastlines, outstanding food and crumbling palazzos all create a heady melting pot of sophistication and elegance. But, with all this untamed beauty comes at a cost, planning a wedding in Sicily can be at times less plane sailing than say Tuscany but with this guide in your pocket you’ll never miss a beat.

For centuries, Taormina has been a place of solace for literary writers, artists and actors. D.H. Laurence, Oscar Wilde, Francis Ford Coppola, George and Amal Clooney and Dolce and Gabbana have all inaugurated this costal stretch on Sicily’s eastern front. The charming vistas, lemon granitas and crumbling ancient Greek architecture are all balled into one colourful and sensory palate.

We had a chat with wedding planner Carmela Guardione, founder of Sicilian Bride who shared with us some serious insider’s knowledge in how to create a wedding fit for any Dolce and Gabbana campaign.

Can you describe exactly what you and Sicilian Bride does?
I’m Carmela Guardione, wedding planner and designer of Sicilian Bride. In collaboration with my daughter Eliana, we take care of every aspect of a wedding, right down to the small details.
Sicilian Bride offers the bride and groom the best services and suppliers in the sector: floral arrangements, music, photographer, hairdresser and make-up.

How long have you been in the wedding sector?
Too long to remember! In my show room in Francavilla I dealt with wedding lists, favours, home furnishings with fabrics, curtains and lighting and 5 years ago Sicilian Bride was born, dedicated to the wedding sector so in a way I was always in this world.

Why should people choose Sicily as a destination wedding?
Sicily and in particular Taormina is a perfect fit for a destination wedding. The balmy climate, the natural rustic beauty, the fantastic food and the general culture of the island has always fascinated peoples for centuries and by incorporating all of these factors, there is no better place to celebrate a wedding.

Can you explain what a Sicilian wedding entails?
A couple who gets married in Sicily will experience an unforgettable day, made of unique colours, scents and flavours, which express the true nature of the Sicilian people.

What are the questions a couple should ask you?
Many, but the most important one is to make our dream come true.

What is the best month to get married in Sicily?
The best months are those that go from May to September, but April and October are also fantastic months.

What are they key elements in making a wedding as authentically Sicilian as possible?
The key elements for an authentic Sicilian wedding are those linked to the enhancement and the traditions of our land.

What should a bride consider before choosing Sicily?
Before choosing Sicily as a destination for her wedding, a bride should necessarily choose a local wedding planner, who knows the territory, customs and traditions to be able to accompany her in the best possible way in the realization of her special day.

Which are the best hotels in the surrounding area for the guests to stay?
There are so many great places to stay for guests. Taormina boasts of renowned 5-star hotels such as Belmond Villa St. Andrea and Grand Hotel Timeo, but there are even great boutique hotels, B&Bs, farmhouses and luxurious private villas.

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