If you’re planning a destination wedding to Sicily then look no further. This is the fourth instalment of our four part pocket guide, focusing on Sicily’s western coast.

Knowing the do’s and don’ts of a destination wedding is absolutely vital and Gabriella Desogus, a wedding planner who focuses on western Sicily, explains just that. She gives us in-depth answers of why Sicily is such a fantastic place to get married, and why you should ignore all the clichés and focus on authenticity.

Can you describe exactly what you do?
My name is Gabriella Desogus, I’m a wedding planner, florist and designer. I work on the gulf of Castellammare in Sicily.

How long have you been in the wedding sector?
I have been working in this sector for more than 5 years. After a degree in psychology, I decided to follow a passion I was devlopeing on the side for some time. So I decided to undertake a training course to enter the profession of wedding planning, and courses to do with flowers and wedding design. I met several professionals who encouraged me to make a decisive choice towards the not always easy, world of events.

Why should people choose Sicily as a destination wedding?
My business is moving more and more towards destination wedding. I work mostly with foreign couples who decide to fulfill their dream in Sicily. I like to promote my province, our land, and I like to make the couples understand that choosing Sicily also means discovering the corners and atmosphere of the land and marrying someone at the same time. Our job is also to “dismantle” the stereotypes that some couples approach when they decide to get married on our island.

Can you explain what a Sicilian wedding entails?
An authentic Sicilian wedding does not involve who knows what clichés, but the couple should get involved in the spirit of the island and the contradictions this land represents. The prerogative is to trust their wedding planner because she will help them in the choice of location, catering and where to sleep, based on their needs.

The wedding of Maria and Danilo
The wedding of Maria and Danilo. Image courtesy of Gabriella Desogus

What are the questions a couple should ask you?
The question that a couple should ask me is certainly what is the best month to get married, but often it is obvious, and they already choose the summer months of July or September. Also it is important to ask which location to they should married, for example by the sea or in the mountains (for an easier wedding) or if they should choose a wonderful eighteenth-century Sicilian villa (if they prefer a luxury event) and also declare the budget they have available. The success of a wedding is not only linked to the choice of theme, the theme can certainly trace the path taken together with the couple. But, on the other hand, what can be considered a success is the collaboration and harmony between all the professionals involved. Only through the synergy between my collaborators, the trust on the part of the couple and the planning line or theme of the wedding and the careful choice of details that we can have a successful event.

What is the best month to get married in Sicily?
Every month in Sicily generates emotions. But I recommend not choosing the heigh of summer as it’s too hot. June and September are the ones I always suggest in order to have a warm, sunny and regenerating wedding.

What are they key elements in making a wedding as authentically Sicilian as possible?
Talking about Sicily, a land that is not always what certain literature presents to us which is exaggerating colours, signs or icons of the Sicilian land. I like, instead, to tell the light of Sicily, the colours of the sea and the islands, the products, the traditions of women and at the same time I like to reproduce the taste of certain delicacies and flavours.

What should a bride consider before choosing Sicily?
A married couple who decides to get married in Sicily must first of all be ready for the unpredictable and the unexpected. Our island, in fact, undergoes sudden climate changes. We go from sultry heat to torrential rain, and this often leads us to put in place a plan B, to make their wedding day always unique and enchanting. They must take into account the movements that are not always easy, especially if you plan to use public transport. You should know that Sicily is unique and therefore unrepeatable.

Which are the best hotels in the surrounding area for the guests to stay?
Among the best hotels in the Trapani area, I recommend La Tonnara di Scopello, the Hotel delle Cave on the island of Favignana or the Hotel_Resort Parco degli Aromi, in Valderice.



The wedding of Maria and Danilo
The wedding of Maria and Danilo. Image courtesy of Gabriella Desogus


The wedding of Maria and Danilo. Image courtesy of Gabriella Desogus
The wedding of Maria and Danilo. Image courtesy of Gabriella Desogus


The wedding of Maria and Danilo. Image courtesy of Gabriella Desogus
The wedding of Maria and Danilo. Image courtesy of Gabriella Desogus

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