The UK staycation places are at the edge of their seat as they prepare for the summer of 2021. SM PHOTO NEWS rounds up the best places to stay in the UK.

Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly
In recent years, there has been a huge flux of Michelin star chefs migrating from London to Cornwall. For them, they can still achieve and maintain a level of success on the Cornish coast without having to work 19-hour shifts, never seeing the light of day. You’ll hear conversations about the bounty of fresh lobsters from the port, or a family run farm that makes raw milk, butter and cream. There is certainly something special happening in Cornwall and we should all take note of their thriving eco-system. Finally, the UK is becoming an exciting food scene, getting the attention it so deserves.


Just 40km from Cornwall, are the small but significant archipelagos. Life here is slow but sweet, nonetheless. Just five of the 145 islands that make up the Scillies are inhabited, the rest are a playground for the seals, puffins and gannets.

Isles of Scilly

Often overshadowed by its neighbour Cornwall, Devon is becoming a hotpot for outdoor fun- especially for surfing. Packed with great beaches and swanky hotels (The Pig for one), there is a reason why Devon has a celebrity cult following.
Surfers are flocking to the darling town of Croyde in their hundreds for its agreeable climate that suites beginners and experts.


Lake District/ Cumbria
A place which has seduced Wordsworth and other literary giants, the Lake District is the best of British and continues to attract sightseers, hikers and adventure seekers in search of its fascinating heritage and abundant outdoor activities. Loose yourself in the England’s watery and morish landscape and discover one of the best hiking trails in the world.
P.S. The waters are icy, even for the most frequent of outdoor swimmers.


Bath is an UNESCO World Heritage town with honeycombed streets, cool shops and thermal spas.
Just a 90-minute train journey from London you can find yourself in South-West England in the charming and historical city of Bath- a place so culturally alive that even the Italians or French would stop in their tracks. With a number of swanky bars, hipster hangouts and boutique hotels, Bath is more than just a walking museum.


Cotswolds and Castle Combe
Castle Combe was endowed with the title of the prettiest village in England. Quintessentially English, this dreamy village in the Costwolds is often the backdrop of mainy prominent English films such as War Horse and Stardust. Outside of this rustic and tranquil village, the Cotsworlds is brimming with life from the Soho Farmhouse to the Swan Inn, the poshest pub (with rooms to stay) out there.

Castle Combe

A cool and hipster hangout with a thriving underground music scene, vegan café’s and walls splattered with Banksy street art. Often voted as the best place to live in the UK (yes, even above London), Bristol is a multi-faced city that suites everyone’s needs from Clifton with its grand mansions, to the famous Clifton Suspension Bridge by Brunel where locals hangout, to Arnolfini the hub of Bristol’s art scene.


For those who want a quick farm to table fix, Kent is just a hope and skip away from London. From quaint country pubs to all out Michelin starred restaurants, Kent is the answers to all your questions.
Visit the crystalline beaches in Margate, eat fish and chip in Deal, visit Leeds Castle and taste the freshest oysters in Whitstable.

leeds castle kent

Cobbled beaches and a proud rainbow flag wearer, Brighton has long been the playground for the UK’s bohemian home of hedonism since the 18th century. Beyond the annual Pride parade, its independent spirit manifests in its antique shops and hotels, sustainable restaurants and locals who are welcoming the wave of the creative.


With a population as big as Scotland’s and an area half the size of Belgium, Yorkshire is almost a country in itself. It has its own flag, its own dialect and its own celebration, Yorkshire Day (1 August).
People have long been drawn to this region for walking and cycling, framed by some of Britain’s finest scenery – the brooding moors and dramatic coastline for one. Then there’s the sheer breadth of history, from the Roman times, to the battleground of the Wars of the Roses right up to the present day.


Somerset is more than just Glastonbury. A half-hour drive south from Bath or just over two from London, Somerset is bursting with an off-beat energy, medieval architecture and rural villages. But it’s the Somerset cider scene we’re most excited about right now. The Newt in Somerset contain thousands of apple trees in about 70 varieties, whose fruit is pressed on-site to produce wine-quality cider.






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